Friday, September 7, 2012

Billy Goat Hill: Forgiveness and Faith

Billy Goat Hill: Forgiveness and Faith

A few months ago Billy Goat Hill was unknown to me, until it ended up on my booket list. after reading the description on the back I decided the book wasn't for me and so I started to read with much skepticism. As I began to read I was swept away from reality and sent back to the 50's to meet young Wade Parker. The more I read the more I was engaged and swept through time on young Wade's thrilling adventure. Mark Stanleigh Morris did an excellent job at using a thriller to emphasis the theme of Christ's love and forgiveness.

The book is 349 pages and I think it is very well written. Mr. Morris uses the first person point of view, which was an excellent choice for this type of Bildungsroman. You will follow the story of young Wade as he grows up into a man. He has a rough journey one of pain, suffering, but he discovers how to carry on through his life although he is continually hurt by those closest to him. With a burden of guilt he carries and a longing inside for the the truth, he discovers what forgiveness means and what having a fulfilling life really means. This book is very emotionally powerful and has a strong Christian message.

While I enjoyed Billy Goat hill tremendously and I believe it is a must read for anyone struggling with forgiveness or pain or heartache, I would like to warn you that it is not for everyone. I would not recommend it for young children as there are some themes tending towards late teens and young adults such as death, divorce, and alcoholism. I had never read a Christian thriller such as this before and I am pleased to say that I highly recommend it.

Were it not for the total emphasis on Christ's forgiveness and love, it would have been a sad and depressing book, but that is just the point! Life with anything, but Christ is sad and lonely and meaningless, but when a person receives Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, their life can be transformed into a work of grace! Praise God for his love and goodness!

So what's holding you back from finding a copy of Billy Goat Hill today!

Warning: I cried and I rarely cry while reading! 


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