Who are we?

We're just a bunch of dudes who love literature. We started this site to develop our own personal writing abilities and share our thoughts to the world.  The title refers to our Booket Lists (Book-bucket lists), which are constantly updated and will probably never be completed. Old stories, new novels, famous books, or little-known titles; we'll read a wide variety of text. If you have a suggestion for us, feel free to leave a comment!

Current writers:

Lance Fillmore

Lance is actually a pseudonym for a certain fellow named Daniel Reich (shh! Don't tell anyone). Find Daniel on Twitter and on his other blog Detailed Disney.

Trenton Shell

Tin-foil hat when it comes to social networks, you can find Trent right here on this very website.

Benjamin Reich

The bigfoot of the Booket Blog, Ben's whereabouts are currently unknown.

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