Friday, August 7, 2015

A Seal's Story

There are a few jobs that are glamorized yet hardly any ordinary citizens would want. Becoming a Navy Seal is one of those jobs. Many boys want to become a navy seal yet very few men ever make it. This book is the story of one of those men. Steve Watson grew up during the Vietnam era where there were many exciting developments in the armed forces. As a boy watching footage and reading about the elite Navy SEAL's a desire welled up within him to embark on the quest to become a SEAL. Little did he know he would be Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines.

It was through the experience, challenges, and uncertainty of the special forces life that Steve decided to trust Jesus as his Savior. It is a powerful testimony of the sovereignty of how God uses simple humans to bring others to him. Throughout the book Steve gives us stories from his adventures that illustrate God's sovereignty and grace. It is also filled with lessons on discipline and trusting God and following his will.

Personally this book helped me a lot. This summer was hard and hearing about the discipline, integrity and strength needed in a navy seal encouraged me to keep going, because nothing I was doing was as rough as Hell week. If you enjoy military books or biography this is definitely a good read for you. Have your heart open and be prepared for a wild ride!

Lance Fillmore

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